Bordeaux Baritone


Bordeaux Baritone - Brad Ross Bordeaux Baritone - Brad Ross Bordeaux Baritone - Brad Ross

A Bordeaux Baritone show can be broken down as such:

Each performance lasts roughly 45 mins to 1 hour and consist of 4-5 songs, intermixed with 4-5 wine tastings and explanations. Each performance can be catered to a variety of different events; from birthdays and picnics up to corporate events and large scale wine tastings. Bradley is able to perform from several genres of song; from opera and Broadway, 'Frank' and 'Dino' , and even country. Don't worry, it's very affordable!

Wine packages and recommendations are broken down into different cost tiers for every budget. In addition to wine, the Bordeaux Baritone is also certified in spirits, as well as having been trained in beer tastings.

When it comes to selecting the wine itself, it is requested that the clients do the purchasing. Bradley will provide all guidance and direction needed in order to find the wine at your local retailer.

Please contact for more information!